About our cabins

Extremely hardy, precision cutting, strong structures

All of our cabins are made using slow grown Siberian spruce sourced from well managed, sustainable forests located in the Siberian mountains. Due to the very cold climate in which the spruce grows it does so very slowly giving it a tighter grain meaning it is extremely hardy and less prone to warping, twisting or cracking. The timber is then kiln dried to remove moisture to allow for the precision cutting required for the interlocking design used in the construction of the cabins.

Our log cabins are constructed using a simple interlocking plank system just like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle. All planks are a continuous length meaning there are no joins and therefore eradicating any areas of weakness in the structure. The planks knit together using a double tongue and grooved wind lock system that is a natural barrier to the elements and is available as standard on all our cabins.

All our cabins

Standard package

In addition to the double tongue and grooved locking system our cabins also come with the following as standard :-

  • 12 month warranty
  • CE certified 24mm double glazed tilt and turn windows
  • CE certified 24mm double glazed door
  • 28mm tongue and groove flooring
  • 20mm tongue and groove ceiling
  • 4 double electric sockets
  • 2 ceiling lights
  • 1 light switch
  • Application of wood preservative to external walls post installation
  • Free delivery

Please note that we do not provide a full electrical installation service, only first fix. Customers will have to arrange for a local electrician to connect the sockets and light fittings to the main power supply. (See more information relating to this in our Installation section)

Deposit & Payment

A deposit of 50% of the cost of the cabin only is required when the order is placed.

The balance is due upon completion of installation.

Delivery Details

On average it takes 8-10 weeks from order to delivery and sometimes longer for larger, more complex buildings.

At Caledonia Log Cabins we appreciate the waiting is the worst time for customers so as part of our superior customer service we commit to making sure regular updates are provided irrespective of whether or not the news is good or bad.

Optional extras

In addition to the standard offering the following optional extras are available :-

  • Kingspan floor/roof insulation
  • Katepal bitumen roofing shingles
  • Additional power sockets/ceiling lights (first fix only)
  • Guttering & downpipes

We were thrilled to see our bespoke cabin be built in just 2 days. We’ve been using it as an office, for crafts and a general living space. We’re enjoying it so much that we decided to have Christmas dinner in there.  People have even commented how quiet it is on the outside when we’re loud on the inside, not something we generally hear with 4 kids in the house”

Thickness of walls

Our cabins are available in range of wall thickness. Depending on how often, what time of year and what you intend to use your cabin for will determine which is the best wall thickness for you but as a general rule of thumb 34mm-44mm cabins are best suited to spring/summer/autumn with all other options being suitable for all year round use.

  • 34mm
  • 44mm
  • 68mm
  • 90mm
  • 44mm double skin
  • 68mm double skin
  • 120mm glulam laminated timber

A ‘double skin’ wall is one that is made up of two parts with a gap between for insulation akin to a conventional brick built house.