Bespoke log cabins

Design your own unique cabin at no extra cost

If like the vast majority of our customers you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in our standard log cabin range then we offer a free, no obligation design and drawing service to help create a bespoke cabin that will be unique to you.

Whether it is a simple case of making one of the standard cabins larger or smaller to fit the space you have available, the addition of extra windows to let in more light or you would like the door in a different place then this is all possible. Equally, if you want to start with a blank bit of paper and draw your own dream log cabin then this is not a problem either.

After an initial discussion and consultation we will take your design ideas and pass them on to our specialist draughtsmen who in turn will provide scale drawings of your cabin showing all elevations. The plans are then reviewed and this process is repeated however many times it takes until you are 100% happy with your design.

By going down the bespoke route you are getting the cabin of your dreams with no compromises.

“By having a dedicated space in which to get creative I have been able to spend much more time doing what I love to do. As a result I have been able to create lots more work and more importantly had the opportunity to experiment with new/different techniques and styles that previously would not have been possible.”