Wick 34mm Log Cabin
Wick 34mm Log Cabin
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Wick 34mm Log Cabin


The Wick 4m x 4m is one of the wide range of multi-roomed timber buildings available from Caledonia Log Cabins. The size, style and room configuration of the Wick means it is a very versatile cabin offering many uses for both family and business needs. Here is just a couple of examples but please check the Product Overview of our other cabins for further ideas and suggestions :-

• Relaxation & Wellbeing – it’s a well-known fact that the greatest threat to our lives is not terrorists or global warming or Brexit! The greatest threat to our wellbeing is our lifestyle. Everyone leads such busy lives, quite often running on empty but never thinking to stop and recharge. A room with a view of all the green outside is a perfect place for regular gentle exercise or somewhere to spend time on wellbeing activitiessuch as practising mindfulnessmeditation or other stress relieving activities. An investment now is one you will certainly cash in on and benefit from in later life

 Entertaining Friends & Family – who doesn’t love a bit of outdoor entertaining? Unfortunately with the good old British weather things do not always got to plan, however with a log cabin in your back garden you always have a ‘get out of jail free’ option by ducking indoors when the rain starts. Simply leave the doors open to give that ‘al fresco’ feel to proceedings until it passes and then head back outside to continue the fun. For all year round entertainment why not install a wood burning stove to keep all your friends and family cosy as you while away the hours drinking and chatting

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More information about this log cabin

Like all Caledonia cabins it is possible to alter the size of the standard Wick to make rooms bigger/smaller as well as create additional rooms. This flexibility also extends to the customisation of other features such as the internal and external doors, windows and the porch area where one exists. All of this means the customer is able to specify exactly what they need and create a unique, bespoke cabin that they can be sure is fit for purpose.

The cabin is made using slow grown Siberian spruce sourced from well managed, sustainable forests located in the Siberian mountains meaning it is extremely hardy and less prone to warping, twisting or cracking.

It is available in a variety of wall thicknesses depending on requirements and what the cabin will be used for/what time of year it will be used ranging from 34mm – 90mm for a single skin wall and 44mm and 68mm for twin skin which is a double wall with space between for insulation.

As standard the Wick comes with a 12 month warranty, certified double glazed windows and doors and free delivery. A range of optional extras exists including installation, insulation, bitumen roof shingles and guttering.

For more information on our cabins please refer to the About Our Cabins page.

A deposit of 50% of the cabin cost is required when the order is placed with the balance due upon delivery.

Delivery is normally 8-10 weeks during which time we commit to keeping the customer informed on progress.


Measures 4000mm x 4000mm
Build area, sq m


Cabin height, mm


Wall height, mm



1 x Single, 1 Double


5 x Single

Wall thickness, mm


Floor thickness, mm


Roof thickness, mm





  • Sustainably sourced timber
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • High quality glulam windows and doors fitted with superior hinges and handles
  • CE certified 24mm double glazing
  • Tilt & turn windows made with thermal glass
  • FREE delivery

Optional extras

  • Installation of cabin
  • Installation of base
  • Insulation
  • Heavy duty roof shingles
  • Running of internal electrics
  • Guttering


Need anything changed? Then that’s not a problem. All of our cabins are totally flexible and made to order so can be changed to suit your needs. You can alter :-

  • Overall size of the cabin – you can make it bigger or smaller
  • Thickness of the walls – choose from 34mm, 44mm, 68mm, 68mm glulam or 90mm depending on your needs
  • Size and placement of doors & windows – to maximise light
  • The size of the overhang – to the front and sides
  • Roof Type – pent (flat) or pitched

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